MC eNet (previously Minemee) is a long-established Minecraft community. We’ve been up since 2010.

Our community has fun and easy to talk to players and Admins alike. We’re not trying to offer a big and mundane server. We’d rather build a community where all the players know each other.

Join us and have fun!

Survival Server

Compatible with Java & Bedrock (PC & Mobile)
Ban Appeal Form
Claim Guide

Museum Server

All Our Maps from 2010 to Today

Just connect to the address above and experience our old maps.
You can also download them if you prefer to view them locally.

eNet Valheim offers a Vanilla Valheim server.

We’re doing a small capacity server. We’re not trying to be a big server. We’d rather build a community where all players know each other.

Full Vanilla
Linked to our Discord for Join Messages
Basic Rules:
No Hacking/Cheating
No Ban Evasion
No Toxic Behavior (Racism, bigotry etc.)
No Offensive Material (Signs etc.)
No Offensive/Illegal Language
You can be banned if you disrespect those rules.

Join us and have fun!

Main Server:

Start the game, join an online game, use the IP to join
and use valheim as the password!

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